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We are professional traders with years of experience!

Thousands of trades are under our belts. While self-directing trading can fail, our clients can rely on us to trade on their behalf, and we take on the liability with all stresses and skills involved to make their accounts as profitable as possible.


A managed forex trading account is traded by a professional forex trader that trades on your behalf.

The account still would be under your own name and only you (the client) can withdraw and add funds to and from the account. If this is not the case, stay clear of that particular managed account.

You will also have to pay fees on the profits earned in your account. This should be included in your power of attorney form with other details. Make sure to read the whole document and feel comfortable with it.

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Why should you choose us?

Simple: Made for everyone whether you are a new or experienced.

Online: No face to face conversation is needed. We are always available online.

Legitimate Pricing: Profit based pricing. You don’t need to have a Mathematics Degree to calculate it.

Transparent: We firmly rely on that trust is built through transparency! And our whole account managing process is transparent.

Performance: Our aim is to beat the traditional strategy by our modern managed account service. We also make sure for higher returns from an account. And we have the ability to do that for long time for sure.

Points to be kept in mind before starting trading for a live account:

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