The forex managed accounts are the service through which a professional trader or a group of professional traders with years of experiences and verified results personally handle the management and trading of your account in exchange for a monthly percentage of the profits (Profit Fee) on the account. It is noteworthy that the trader charges this Profit Fee only when generating profitability.
This service is for is for those who would like to invest in the forex market but do not have enough time, experience or knowledge to trade by themselves, and so they can let experts do all the hard work for them. An expert trader will know how and when to spot profitable trades throughout the day / week and execute trading orders on behalf of the investor through our Inbuild Robotic Software. Investors can just sit back, relax and leave all of the hard work for the professional account manager.
A trading account to be opened under your name with our recommended brokers and allocate the necessary amount of funds to start with. Only the account number and the trading password to be shared with Trade 24 Hours for our team to configure our Robotic Software. This service is fully transparent to our clients as we only have limited access to trade on this account. On the other hand, you remain in full control of the account and its deposits and withdrawal processes. Though daily updates will be sent by the Account manager, Investor can himself login to his account to view the progress any time during the day
Trade 24 Hours Robotic Software algorithm has been so carefully formulated, as our primary mission is to safe guard your trading capital and to generate a decent and consistent returns of 8- 14% monthly. Trade 24 Hours work on a model on which we make money only if your account goes in a profit. To be simple, we profit if you profit.
Though your trading account is under the control of our Software, our experienced team of Traders track and monitor your account 24/5 to make sure all the defined strategies are in line with the expected performance, which are solid tested in markets to give steady profits all the year round. A dedicated full-time account manager who can devote all his energies to trade for his clients can have all above mentioned under good control and can deliver wonders in Forex Trading.
Let's say you invest 1000$ in the first month. At the end of 30 days, we have generated a profit of 100$ in your account. Since the profit sharing in 60:30 (client: Trade 24 Hours), you are supposed to pay us 30$, against which an invoice with the payment mode will be send across to your registered Email account. A period of 5 extra days will be provided to make the payment failing which the Software will be deactivated from the account with immediate effect. Once our payment is made, a confirmation mail will be sent across and the current account balance will be considered as the Trading capital for that month. If in-case next month we made a loss of 50$. nothing is deducted from your account as there are no profits. Now the mark up for this account stands at 1100$. Only if we increase the equity at any month end above this mark-up level we again get a 30% share on the profit made above 1100$.

Depending upon the Capital, we have classified our accounts into 3 categories.

Account Type Minimum Deposit (USD) Expected Monthly Profit Risk Percentage Management Fee
Basic 100 6% 10 30% of Profit
Advanced 10000 12% 10 30% of Profit
VIP 100000 15% 10 30% of Profit